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Marion Kirk 
Tarot & Astrology Consultant | Author | Teacher

Meet Marion, Tarot Consultant, Astrologer and Tarot Guidebook Author.​ Marion is a highly respected and accomplished tarot card reader with over two decades of experience in tarot and astrology. Her journey into the world of divination began at a young age when she discovered a fascination with the symbolism and wisdom contained within the tarot cards. What started as a curiosity soon blossomed into a lifelong passion and a dedicated career.​ With an unwavering commitment to the craft, Marion has not only become an expert tarot reader but has also made contributions to the tarot community as a whole. She is celebrated for her exceptional abilities in interpreting the cards and providing profound insights into the lives of those who seek her guidance.​​


One of Marion's most notable achievements is the co-authorship of two acclaimed tarot deck guidebooks, The Wandering Moon Tarot and The Wandering Echo Tarot. These guidebooks have received widespread recognition for their depth of knowledge, clarity, and innovative interpretations of the tarot. Her co-authored works have become essential companions to tarot enthusiasts worldwide, enhancing the understanding and connection with the cards on a profound level.

Marion is not only a talented writer but also an engaging speaker. She has presented at international tarot conferences, delivering presentations that explore the intricacies of tarot, the history behind the cards, and her personal insights into the art of divination. Her contributions to these gatherings have further solidified her reputation as a saught after figure in the tarot community.

In addition to her books and conference appearances, Marion is a regular contributor to the prominent divination focused magazine, The Esotoracle. Her articles delve into various spreads using tarot and astrology, offering fresh perspectives, innovative techniques, and practical advice for readers of all levels. 

With 20 years of hands-on experience and a genuine dedication to helping others, Marion has become a trusted guide for those seeking clarity, guidance, and spiritual insight. Her readings are renowned for their accuracy and compassionate delivery, making Marion an in-demand tarot consultant.

Whether you're a seasoned tarot enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of divination, Marion invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment through the profound wisdom of the tarot. Her unique blend of expertise, passion, and insightful guidance has touched the lives of countless individuals.

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